It's Skin Prestige D’Escargot Special Set I (6 pcs)

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Set Includes:
1) It's Skin Prestige TONIQUE D'escargot (140 ml)
2) It's Skin Prestige LOTION D'escargot (140 ml)
3) It's Skin Prestige CREME D'escargot (60 ml)
4) It's Skin Prestige Cotton Pad D'escargot (20 pcs)
5) It's Skin Prestige TONIQUE D'escargot - Travel Size (15 ml)
6) It's Skin Prestige LOTION D'escargot - Travel Size (15 ml)

The PRESTIGE D'Escargot series contains snail slime extract, EGF (epidermal growth
 factor), arbutin, adenosine complex smooth out wrinkles. The line is aimed at a
 comprehensive solution to problems such as pigmentation (age and postpartum), the
 suppression of melanosis (freckles), reduction and reducing the depth of wrinkles
 Prevents scarring, skin hydration, stimulates the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in the skin,
 restores elasticity and softness. Snail mucin restores and improves skin, evens skin tone
 and resolves stagnant spots, restores the quality of collagen and elastin fibers of the skin,
 rejuvenates and tightens the skin. It has the ability to visually smooth out wrinkles, as if
 filling them from the inside and to soften the line of skin wrinkles. EGF actually slows the
 aging process of the skin, promotes cell renewal of the epidermis, keeping the youth of the
 skin, restoring skin elasticity, and improving skin condition.
Prestige TONIQUE D'escargot - Toner clears the skin of dead cells, evens skin
microstructure, and prepares it for follow-up skin care to help nutrients penetrate deeper
into the skin.
Prestige LOTION D'escargot - Lotion restores smooth and silky skin.
Prestige CREME D'escargot - Cream restores elasticity and strengthens the protective
barrier. Prevents the appearance of wrinkles and helps reduce the depth of existing ones.
How to Use:
1) After washing face, apply an adequate amount of Prestige Tonique on skin and
 gently pat to enhance absorption.
2) Use Emulsion after using softener, gently apply an adequate amount on skin along
 skin’s texture. (can also be used after serum/ampoule depend on skin).
3) Apply cream to face.
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